Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Prayer for Cathy Wilson's Brother In Law

We received the following message from Cathy Wilson this morning:

I'm requesting prayer from church family for my brother-in-law Alan in Summerside, PEI; and my sister Donna and their daughter Denise. Alan suffered a stroke at 3:30 am this morning and was rushed to hospital. He is 56. He was paralyzed on the right side with no speech when he presented at hospital. He is self-employed and the sole bread winner. So he needs a miracle in his body and financially. 

Let's stand with Cathy in prayer for this family situation.


Doctor's discovered that it was not a stroke but an aneurysm and the news was not good.


The family were gathered at the bedside as Dr's didn't expect Alan to make it through the night. So it was a long night waiting for news.  But in the morning I woke to news that he was still alive. HALLELUJAH! Today Dr's will do a brain scan to see if bleeding has stopped and to see what areas the bleeding has seeped to.
Also they will put in a feeding tube. They were encouraging my sister not to put in tube as they still say he may not survive. But my sister is adamant the tube is going in despite that the Dr's feel he will be a vegetable if he survives. 

Last night he motioned with 
his left arm that he was cold and wanted the blankets pulled up. This morning the report from my niece says that Alan is aware of his surroundings, can understand what you are saying, and even moved his left side to aid nurses in changing the sheets. Please continue to pray that the bleeding will stop, and that everyday he will continue to improve. Believing for a good report from the brain scan, and also thanking God for a financial miracle for this family. Nothing is impossible with our God, absolutely nothing.

Thank you for your prayers!


A bed in the stroke unit in Charlottetown has become available and they are taking Alan by ambulance today. It is an hour away from my sister so the driving and gas in their old truck will be taxing, but she would drive to the ends of the earth to be next to him. Everyone is very happy at this report. This morning he was sitting up in bed with assistance, watching tv with the remote in his working hand!

Thank you Lord for your wonder working power in Alan's life. We pray that the staff and therapists in Charlottetown are Christians and Alan and Donna will accept your free gift of Salvation. And we believe for a quick recovery time in rehab in Jesus' Name. 


We've just received the following email from Cathy:

I just received devastating news regarding my brother-in-law Alan.
He has had a cough for some time, so they did further scans and they revealed cancer throughout his body. Brain, lungs and kidneys are the main areas. He has been a smoker since a very young age. The brain bleed was a result probably of the tumors in his brain. It is very hard to know what to pray at this point other than God's will be done. Please pray for my sister Donna who is devastated beyond words. Pray that this family come to know Jesus.  I will praise the Lord in and and out of the Storm.

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