Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Prayer for Nicole Doucette's family

Nicole writes today ...

"I have two aunts fighting cancer. (My moms oldest and youngest sister)

Agnes - finished her chemo treatments but Drs decided radiation would be next. She'll undergo 15 (approx) rounds. Cancer is in her stomach.

Eileen - There isn't much more they can too. She's immunocompromised and another surgery isn't an option and another radiation round would be too much. She went into cardiac arrest yesterday, fluid around her heart. BP was up and down and her sugar levels were out of whack. She was resuscitated and is now in stable condition in the hospital. She hopes to go home Friday, however they have signed a DNR. Cancer is in her brain (and possible spine and lung.)"

Our God is an amazing God - he can step in and do the miraculous in both these lives.  Let's believe with Nicole and also pray for peace in these situations.

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