Saturday, February 13, 2016

Gwen M. Diagnosed With COPD

The following prayer request was received by our sister, Gwen MacFarland...

About a year ago I was diagnosed with COPD, and shortly afterwards sleep apnea. In the natural this is not good. I have been trusting in God and praying for healing. In December, 2015 I started to get chest infections, often one after another. I have had several
antibiotics without results. Right now I have a lot of trouble breathing and just getting something to eat leaves me breathing really hard. I do not go out much and haven't even been to church for awhile, which I do not like. 

I am asking for my church family to remember me in their prayers. In reality I can not let myself dwell on this because there is no cure . There are other things associated with this as well, chronic cough, sleepless nights, etc. But God is my healer and His mercy and grace are new every day. 

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