Saturday, October 31, 2015

Prayer for Jeannie's Brother, Dave

As some of you know bro Dave started chemo on Monday, a double blast. His foot was sore on Thursday eve and massaged it a bit. This is what he woke up to yesterday.
Went to ER was put on drip. Goes back today for another bag. Believing when bandage comes off... GONE! I asked if it is fasciitis, nurse said they are not taking any chances. There was a tiny cut on the foot. With his immunity being compromised with cancer/chemo he really is an open target. He already was treated for an infection around the feed PEG, opening is too large was made smaller but is still leaking. Will have that removed today and closed up to let it heal. Will put another one in if needed during treatments. He's suppose to start his radiation on Monday. Dave is saturated in Gods word which he has been eating daily and is truly resting in him. Please continue to pray with me.

Thank you so much for your prayers and love

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