Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Prayer Request from Linda Birk

Linda sent this in today: 
"I'd appreciate prayer for the deliberation process currently being carried out by access-a-bus as regards a new ruling which would prohibit service to Ivany Place (my place of residence) on the weekends.  They have ruled that starting in September there will be no service for us based on the fact that the #89 bus will not run on Sunday. The access-a-bus only runs when and where the city busses run.  I have one more reservation for Aug. 28 and no guarantee for any more weekend bus service after that. Without the access-a-bus I cannot afford to attend.  Without being able to get to church I am a virtual shut in. It is very important to me to attend church at Rock and my spiritual life is vital in my life. I believe in prayers of agreement, please pray with me for the outcome of this deliberation and that the enemy will not hinder my spiritual growth in this way."
Let's agree with Linda in prayer that she will be able to continue to attend on Sundays.

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