Saturday, November 29, 2014

Please pray for Linda Birk's mother, Estella, who has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer.  She is not one to ask for prayer so that in itself is miraculous, according to Linda.  Please pray for Estella and Linda...for strength, a positive outlook and healing. Thanks in advance for your prayers.

Please continue to pray for Keith Bradbury as he is still awaiting surgery and in a great deal of pain.  He broke his ankle in two places on Thursday night playing soccer.

We are requesting your prayers for King Flood (Shelley Goerz's father) who is in the hospital.  King has undergone one surgery and will have another today.  The situation is very serious.  Please pray for the entire family and healing in King's body.

Please pray as well, for Michelle Blair and Lynette Bradbury's father, John Foster.  He is currently awaiting surgery in Newfoundland.  His surgery has been postponed twice so a miraculous date for this week would be wonderful. Pray as well for healing and restoration in his body.

Howard Ivany, PChris's grandfather (David Ivany's father), has been very ill and is in the hospital in Newfoundland where the family has been called. Please remember the family  in your prayers at this time

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